How to Get Rid of Ants and Flies in the House – Part II

House flies are even more annoying than ants. They are attracted to warm air currents coming from your house. If they detect odours on those currents, all the better, as this means food to them.

Pet feces and garbage odours are especially appealing to flies. Unfortunately, most of us do have garbage odours in the home thanks to composting. Smells can attract flies, but they also wander into the home through open windows, doors, torn screens, and gaps.

How to Get Rid of House Flies?

House flies are a pain to get rid of, but you can reduce their presence by trying the following:

  • Keep your garbage sealed tight, especially your compost
  • Clean your garbage containers regularly to remove all traces of food
  • Follow all the rules about food and clean up for ants
  • Repair all torn screens and never leave doors and windows open without screen protection
  • Use fly strips to trap them

Why Do You Have Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies can fly into your home, but more commonly, they will use fruit and veggies as their preferred mode of transportation. They can reproduce fast, and it just takes one piece of produce to generate hundreds of eggs. Once in the home, fruit flies will use other produce to reproduce but can also use the slime that collects in your drain pipe just below your kitchen sink. That is why they also go by the name “drain flies.”

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

First and foremost, clean all fruit and vegetables thoroughly as soon as you bring them into the house to remove any possible eggs. Store fresh produce in the fridge. If you must store fruit and veggies on the counter, keep them wrapped tightly in a bag or container. You can also try these home remedies:

  • Place cider vinegar, a piece of old fruit or old wine in a dish, cover with plastic wrap and poke holes in it to attract and trap the flies
  • Keep your kitchen clean, especially your kitchen sink and drain
  • Follow all the same food rules as ants
  • Buy fruit fly traps
  • Set a candle in a tray with cider vinegar, old wine, or stale fruit in a dark room and light the candle to create a zapper (make sure you use a sturdy candle holder and keep an eye on the candle)
  • Use a fly strip for major infestations

Although we welcome summer, we don’t welcome the bugs that come with it. These pest control tips should help you stop those tiresome bugs from settling in for the season.