Kitchen Color Trends for 2019

When you dig into the most popular kitchen color trends of 2019, you’ll notice one thing — a lack of bright white. This year, designers are exploring the color wheel in the kitchen with fervent curiosity … and the results are delicious.

In The Navy Now

The rich hue of navy blue has the versatility to adapt to either a modern or traditional kitchen setting, making it a top choice for those who are adventurous in the kitchen (and with their colors).

Check Mate

Matte black has become a favorite for kitchen fixtures and hardware accents, but this year it’s moving onto the walls and cabinets.  It’s easy on the eyes, making the space feel calm and cool.

Green With Envy

Since olive green is a favorite of fashion houses this year, it won’t be long before it finds its way into our homes.  Pear up leather cabinet pulls with walnut floors and green jewel toned paint and you’ll have a runway-ready look.

Pastel Pastries

Fondant blue, pink icing, and cream custards are all popping up as popular hues for 2019.  Their buttery pastel tints add just a hint of color to the kitchen without overwhelming it.

Two to Tango

Using two tones from the same family allows you to play with perspective in the kitchen.  The dark paint creates depth, while the lighter one becomes a highlighter.

Charcoal Artist

Elegant and dramatic, charcoal grey is showing up on cabinets and walls this year.  While it brings a moody element to the kitchen, it also pairs nicely with one of the sugary pastels mentioned above.

Earth Goddess

Earthy terra cotta and honey hues bring an elevated energy to a cooking space, creating a vibe that’s both inviting and positive.  Isn’t that what we all want to feel in the kitchen?

Peace Doves

A warm grey work as an easy foundational color for a kitchen, giving you a blank canvas to play with black, metallics, and pattern in the cabinetry, hardware, and backsplash.

Into The Woods

Pulling their inspiration from nature, think silver bark, rock lichen and wild mushrooms – these soft woodsy taupe and grey shades bring the outdoors inside and act as an enticing neutral in the kitchen.

Cream Tea

Now 2019 isn’t saying goodbye to white kitchens all together, but it’s looking across the Atlantic for its inspiration, opting for the creamy whites found in idyllic farmhouses of the English countryside.